Antimicrobial Research:

Novel bioknowledge and educational programs

Microbiology Book Series #6 - Some accepted proposals

Antibiotics: Mode of action and mechanisms of resistance
A. Dowling, J. O'Dwyer and C.A. Adley

Proteinoid microspheres - Fox & Harada model: their impact in Structural Proteomics
C. Polanco, P. Vázquez González, M. Bañuelos Cedano and A.V. Ponce de León

Potential medicinal plants of antimicrobial and immunomodulating properties
Emad Mohamed Abdallah and Waleed S. Koko

Strengthening of innate immune system as antimicrobial strategy
Udayakumar Prithika and Krishnaswamy Balamurugan

Clinical relevance of biofilm drug resistance in fungal pathogens
K. Ajesh and K. Sreejith

Bacteriophage: Clinical Applications
A.A. Attama and I.S. Agbo

Antimicrobial activity of Eucalyptus globulus oils
Bachir Raho Ghalem

Control and prevention of infectious bursal disease: a review
S. Tesfaheywet Zeryehun

New and emerging SXT/R391 integrative conjugative elements as vehicles for stable mobile element transfer and spread of antibiotic resistance in both human and animals
Michael P. Ryan, Patricia Armshaw and J. Tony Pembroke

Evaluation of the Seegene PCR for detection of enteric pathogens
T.H. Frandsen, F. Scheutz, J. Kurtzhals and L.P. Andersen

Lipidomics: Novel Strategy to Conquer Antimicrobial Resistance
Rahul Pal, Saif Hameed and Zeeshan Fatima

Interfering bacterial communication: Innovative strategies for biofilm inhibition
N. Weiland-Bräuer and R.A. Schmitz

Odor in plants was a weapon to fight bacteria
J. Sasaki

Jelly Bombs: Hydrogels with antimicrobial activity
Nicholas Bodenberger, Dennis Kubiczek, Daniel Halbgebauer, Nina Pfahler, Coralie Tanzer and Frank Rosenau

Aptamers as promising agents in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Dennis Kubiczek, Nicholas Bodenberger and Frank Rosenau

Bacteriophages for detection and control of multi-drug resistant pathogenic bacteria
Richa Salwan and Vivek Sharma

Bacteriophage taxonomy and classification: Applications of phages in biotechnology
G. Novik, V. Savich and A. Ladutska

Zeeshan Ahmad, Zeba Parveen and Nesar Ahmad

Bacterial biofilm detection methods in the laboratory
M.Alper Ergin

Antimicrobial: Research, Bioknowledge, Education Chapter on Biofilms
M. Francesco, S. Sushmitha, S. Pathak and A. Banerjee

Bacteriophage applications as biocontrol agent in food packaging materials
S. Kalkan, E. Ünal Turhan and Z. Erginkaya

Antimicrobial Effect of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics
Gözde Konuray and Zerrin Erginkaya

Human Gut Microbiota and Immune System
A. L. dos Santos Silva, E. C. Lourenço dos Santos and A. M. Queijeiro López

Aspects clinical and pathogenicity of candida species
F. Silvestre Ataides and M. R. Rodrigues Silva

Assessment of Zeolites as Antimicrobial Fragrance Carriers
Rumeysa Tekin, Huseyin Erdogmus, Nurcan Bac