Antimicrobial research:

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Microbiology Book Series #6 - Ebook

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Antimicrobial natural products I - Peptides

A strategy for controlling the pathogenic bacteria: Antimicrobial peptides
Heejeong Lee, and Dong Gun Lee

Antimicrobial activity of cathelicidins of mammals from avian, aquatic and terrestrial environments
J.M. Pérez de la Lastra, C. Garrido-Orduña, C.L. Borges, A.A. Borges and A. Boto

Antimicrobial Peptides as Novel Alternatives to Antibiotics in Swine and Poultry Industries
F.J. Ji, H.S. Yang, Z.Y. Cui and Y.L. Yin

Antimicrobial Peptides from agro-industrial waste – a key to new antibiotics
Claudia M. Botelho CM, Jorge Padrão, Margarida Fernandes, Nicolina Dias, José Teixeira

Characteristics of antibacterial peptides produced by bacteria
Y. M. Álvarez Cisneros, F. J Fernández and E. Ponce Alquicira

Proteinoid microspheres - Fox & Harada model: their impact in Structural Proteomics
C. Polanco, A. Ponce de León, M. Bañuelos Cedano, and P. Vazquez González

Antimicrobial natural products II - Terrestrial and marine organisms

Anthraquinones as potential antimicrobial agents - A review
M. Malmir, R. Serrano and O. Silva

Antibacterial and antimalarial activity of Angolan Cymbopogon citratus essential oil
Pedro d. P. Catarino Pires, M. Sekhoacha, M. Matsabisa, M. Tselanyane, Ana F. Vinha and M. O. Soares

Antimicrobial activity of Eucalyptus globulus oils
G. Bachir Raho

Antimicrobial activity of Myracrodruon urundeuva
Vandbergue Santos Pereira, Johnatan Wellisson da Silva Mendes, Roberta Davila Pereira de Lima

Antimicrobial agents from terrestrial Plants
Birendra Prasad, Kumar Pranay, Parmanand Verma, Vijay Kumar Jha, Navneel and Pinky Dayal

Antimicrobial natural products II - Terrestrial and marine organisms
Ashba Hassan and Imran Sajid

Antimicrobial potentialities of mushroom-based selenium biocomposites
O. M. Tsivileva, A. I. Perfileva, T. P. Nguyen, A. M. Zakharevich, and P. A. Poluboyarinov

Bioactives derived from Autumn Olive berries are effective antioxidants, antibacterial agents and a skin moisturizer
John J. Wille and Mark A. Berhow

Medicinal plants of antimicrobial and immunomodulating properties
Emad Mohamed Abdallah and Waleed S. Koko

Novel Ferrocenyl Chalcone Compounds as Possible Antimicrobial Agents
Elecia J Henry, Robert B Smith, Michael Collins, Susan J Bird, Pauline Gowland, John P Cassella

Odors (volatiles) in the plants was a weapon to fight bacteria
Sasaki J, Yamauchi K

Secondary metabolites from Cactaceae with antifungal effect
R. Sánchez-Herrera, S. Loza-Cornejo, C.E. Ochoa-Velasco, R. Ávila Sosa-Sánchez and X. Aparicio-Fernández

Soil Bacillus- A natural source of antifungal compounds against Candida infection
S.K. Nayak, B. Baliyarsingh, B. Dash and B.B. Mishra

Use of essential oils in food preservation
M. Laranjo, A. M. Fernández-Léon, M. E. Potes, A. C. Agulheiro-Santos and M. Elias

Use of plant extracts to control bacterial foodborne pathogens
D. S. Volcan Maia, G. Volz Lopes and W. Padilha da Silva

Biocontrol. Biosynthesis of antimicrobials

Antimicrobial activity of probiotic microorganisms: mechanisms of interaction and methods of examination
R. Denkova, B. Goranov, D. Teneva, Z. Denkova and G. Kostov

Antimicrobial Effect of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics
Gözde Konuray and Zerrin Erginkaya

Biopreservatives from yeasts with antimicrobial activity against common food, agricultural produce and beverage spoilage organisms
M. Mewa-Ngongang, S.K.O. Ntwampe, H.W. du Plessis, L. Mekuto and N.P. Jolly


A laboratory activity using bacteriophages, the forgotten weapon against bacteria
S. Campoy, P. Cortés, J. Aranda, M. Sánchez-Osuna, J. Barbé and M. Llagostera

Bacteriophage applications as biocontrol agent in food packaging materials
S. Kalkan, E. Ünal Turhan and Z. Erginkaya

Bacteriophage taxonomy and classification
Galina Novik, Alena Ladutska and Dzianis Rakhuba

Bacteriophage: Clinical Applications
A. A. Attama, I. S. Agbo, I. E. Eke, E. B. Onigbo and J. C. Ogbonna


Antimicrobial: research, bioknowledge, education chapter on biofilm
Pathak S, Sushmitha S, Ganesan J, Murugesan R, Marotta F, Bissi L, Banerjee A

Bacterial Biofilm and Antibiotic Resistance
Debdeep Dasgupta, Abhinash Kumar and Tapas K. Sengupta

Bacterial biofilm detection methods in the laboratory
M.Alper Ergin

Barrier layers based on nanostructured fluorocarbon films: structure, interaction with microorganisms, mechanical properties
V. Elinson, S. Andreevskaya, A. Lyamin, N. Shevlyagina, V. Zhukhovitsky, P.A. Shur

Biofilm Structure of Foodborne Pathogens
I. Var and S. Sağlam

Biofilms and Their Advantages/Disadvantages in Food Industry
Goksen Gulgor and Mihriban Korukluoglu

Control of fungal biofilm formation in dental environment
W. Mazari, I. A. El Haci and Z. Boucherit Otmani

Mechanisms and methods to combat biofilm tolerance
Z. Yan and B. Kjellerup

Quenching bacterial communication: Innovative strategies for biofilm inhibition
N. Weiland-Bräuer and R. A. Schmitz

The Use of Nanoparticles to Prevent and Eliminate Bacterial Biofilms
Lan Hu

The use of phages for the removal of biofilms in the food industry
E. Unal Turhan, S. Kalkan, Z. Erginkaya

Antimicrobial materials science and surface chemistry. Antimicrobials in consumer products

Antimicrobial bioactive materials and treatments for leather preservation
M. (Koizhaiganova) Kaygusuz, I. Yaşa

Aptamers as promising agents in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
D. Kubiczek, N. Bodenberger and F. Rosenau

Assessment of Zeolites as Antimicrobial Fragrance Carriers
Rumeysa Tekin, Huseyin Erdogmus, Nurcan Bac

Elaboration and characterization of antifungal properties of biodegradable film added with cinnamon oil
P. Hernández Carranza, S. Mendoza Vázquez, J. A. Guevara García, S. Cid Pérez, R. Ávila Sosa and C. E. Ochoa Velasco

Innovative metal oxides in antimicrobial surfaces
S. Shafaei, C. Zollfrank

Jelly Bombs – Hydrogels as Weapons against Microorganisms
N. Bodenberger, D. Kubiczek, D. Halbgebauer, C. Tanzer, N. Pfahler, F. Rosenau

Microorganisms isolated and antimicrobial treatments applied at different stages of leather processing
M. (Koizhaiganova) Kaygusuz, N. O. Işık

Smart antimicrobial materials with the immobilized gemini surfactants
Bogumił E. Brycki, Iwona Kowalczyk and Adrianna Szulc

Clinical and medical microbiology

Anti-microbial and immunomodulatory properties of indigenous plants found in Central and Southern Africa
AN. Traoré, MT. Sigidi, MM. Boukandou, MI. Ntlhamu, R. Musoliwa, MP. Tshisikhawe and N. Potgieter

Clinical and pathogenicity aspects of Candida species
F. Silvestre Ataides and M. R. Rodrigues Silva

Control and prevention of infectious bursal disease: a review
S. Tesfaheywet Zeryehun

Evaluation of the in vitro bactericidal activity of a sodium hypochlorite solution sold in the Cameroonian markets on the germs responsible for nosocomial diseases in Cameroon
J.G.L.F. Ekwe Priso, F. Koro Koro, R.S. Moukeu, A. L. Mokale Kognou, R.A. Ngono Ngane

Fungal Hydroxamate Siderophores: biosynthesis, chemical synthesis and potential medical applications
T. Garnerin, A. Dassonville-Klimpt, P. Sonnet

Heat Shock Proteins: innate immune stimulators of C. elegans
Udayakumar Prithika and Krishnaswamy Balamurugany

Human gut microbiota and immune system
A. L. dos Santos Silva, E. C. Lourenço dos Santos and A. M. Queijeiro López

Therapeutic potential of extracts from Amazonian plants with antimicrobial activity
F. C. S. Pires, M. M. Almeida, A. P. S. Silva, M. A. R. Salazar, G. R. O. Urbina, P. S. Silva, S. G. Silva, P. N. Bezerra, S. H. Marques- da -Silva, R. N. Carvalho Junior

Urinary Tract Infections: A major global public health issue – Consequences and natural way of management
Dr. Saad Bin Zafar Mahmood and Dr. Zafar Alam Mahmood

Antimicrobial resistance. Mechanisms of action of antimicrobial agents

Anti-quorum sensing activity of plants
Mihriban Korukluoglu and Goksen Gulgor

Antibiotics: Mode of action and mechanisms of resistance
A. Dowling, J. O’ Dwyer and C.C. Adley

Antimicrobial resistance and mechanism of action of antimicrobial resistance
Nwiyi, P. O., Akade, F.T, Ukweni, I. A. and Erumaka, I.

Bacterial resistance challenged by binary antimicrobial combinations
N.M. De la Fuente-Salcido, D. López-De la Cruz and A. Alejo Andrade

Campylobacter spp. and Salmonella spp. strains from meat matrices: resistance genes involved and molecular methods to detect
B. S. Frasao and C. A. Conte-Junior

Efflux pumps in Acinetobacter baumannii: role in antibiotic resistance and interest of efflux pump inhibitors as additional therapeutic weapons
C. Mullié, B. Bouharkat, R. Guiheneuf, C. Serra, A. Tir Touil-Meddah and P. Sonnet

Generic transcriptional response of E. coli to stress
Ranginee Choudhury, Saroj Kant Mohapatra

New and emerging SXT/R391 integrative conjugative elements as vehicles for stable mobile element transfer and spread of antibiotic resistance in both human and animals
Michael P Ryan, Patricia Armshaw and J Tony Pembroke

Recent advances in antimalarial drugs: structures, mechanisms of action and clinical trials
J.-P. Jourdan, J. Schneider, A. Dassonville-Klimpt, P. Sonnet

Small molecules as regulators of bacterial Quorum Sensing. New strategy in the development of antimicrobial agents
Carlos Mario Meléndez Gómez and Vladimir V. Kouznetsov

Techniques and Methods

Antimicrobial studies on creams obtained with clove oil and with waste aqueous phase remaining after the clove oil distillation
A. Wróblewska, E. Makuch, Ł. Kucharski, A. Klimowicz and A. Markowska-Szczupak

Effect of operation practices of raw milk in small production systems on microbiological quality in Tlaxcala, Mexico
F. Calderón-Sánchez, A.R. Navarro-Cruz, R. Ávila-Sosa and P. Munguía-Villeda

Evaluation of the Seegene PCR for detection of enteric pathogens
T. H. Frandsen, J. A. L. Kurtzhals, F. Scheutz and L. P. Andersen

Lipidomics: Novel Strategy to Conquer Antimicrobial Resistance
Rahul Pal, Saif Hameed and Zeeshan Fatima

Mycobacterial infection of macrophages: the effect of the multiplicity of infection
P. Bettencourt, N. Carmo, D. Pires, P. Timóteo and E. Anes

Polar profile of random proteins and their incidences in Uniprot Database
C. Polanco

Review on experimental parameters of antimicrobial susceptibilities
Rishan Singh

The laboratory identification of carbapenemases: an overview
Shamala Moodley and Dharshni Pillay